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Meet Kacy Catanzaro, the hottest ninja ever

Sure, she’s not an Olympian per se, but as far as we’re concerned, the 5 foot 110lb competitor epitomizes everything that we love about hot Olympic athletes. In a pint size! If you haven’t yet seen her run in American Ninja Warrior, set some time aside and be prepared to fall in love:

Still on the fence? First, what’s wrong with you? But just for insurance, check out our gallery of the 2012 NCAA Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year below!

Gold Medalist Mikaela Shiffrin dazzles in her radio debut on NPR’s Wait, Wait!

We liked skier Mikaela Shiffrin before, but we love her now. The 19-year gold medalist in sllam in Sochi appeared on NPR’s hilarious weekly news quiz show Wait Wait … don’t tell me, playing in the dial in “Not My Job” segment. You can listen to the audio or read the transcript here. In it, she reveals that at the top of her mind when she’s got the whole worlds’ eyes on her, she’s worried about her hair and that her bodysuit makes her feel naked! If you haven’t listened to Wait Wait before, it’s a side splitting funny radio show that you can stream online or listen to via your favorite podcast player.

In the meantime, check out some pics of this gold medalist hottie!

[Listen to the audio for Mikaela’s segment here.]

Hilary Knight, USA hockey player, takes it all off!

What could be better than sexy Hilary Knight? How about pictures of sexy Hilary Knight, sans clothing? That’s what we thought. Here you go – pictures from her recent nude spread!

hotolympicgirls.com_Hilary_Knight_01 hotolympicgirls.com_Hilary_Knight_02

Jamie Anderson, American snowboarder, bares all

Christmas came early this year! Jamie Anderson, one of our favorite hot snowboarders, poses nude for her fans.



More pics after the jump!

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Sarah Hendrickson, USA, Ski Jump

Sarah has the distinction of being the first woman to compete in the Ski Jump event at the Olympics! This young 19 year old from Salt Lake City, Utah stands proud for the US of A.



Is Gracie Gold the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen, or what?

She’s only 18 and already representing the United States as a figure skater at Sochi. We love that she’s teaching people about core strength. This Olympic hottie even has Taylor Swift rooting for her!

Faye Gulini, USA, Snowboarding

Our coverage isn’t perfect. Take, for instance, our recent post covering the hottest snowboarders at Sochi. We’ve missed sweetheart Faye Gulini, hailing from the United States. Faye – we wish you the best of luck!


Hannah Teter, USA, Snowboarding

This snowboarder from Vermont has been featured in Sports Illustrated. In 2006, she won a gold medal in halfpipe at the Toronto Winter Games.

85_1hannahteter_wanaka_nz_g_lheureux_5191 Hannah-Teter-224929-1-402 Hannah+Teter+2010+VH1+Something+Awards+Show+8MpLC1B-bYil Samsung+9th+Annual+Four+Seasons+Hope+Gala+VdMnlwdzfTHl hannah-teter-and-2010-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-issue-gallery (2) 10_hannah-teter_26 2010 VH1 Do Something Awards - Arrivals hannah-teter-and-2010-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-issue-gallery (1) hannah_teter_sports_illustrated_2010__levxKO1.sized hannah-teter-and-2010-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-issue-gallery 10_hannah-teter_02 5142Hannah-Teter_03 10_hannah-teter_17 a5b2Hannah-Teter_01 10_hannah-teter_22 teter

Karly Piper Shorr, USA, Snowboarding

Sorry to hear that Karly Shorr didn’t win a medal. She’s got true sportsmanship for sitting on the sidelines, rooting for medalist Jamie Anderson after she gets a score or 39.00 on her first run. Here’s to having good character!

BcETI97CQAA_m_O BdjHgkUCEAA9gF2 BfZ_Ti-IQAEC8cV Karly+Shorr+WFcIffNa-Qem KarlyShorr2 2014-team-usa-karly-shorr-harry-how-getty Karly+Shorr+8TDs0CEANuPm Karly+Shorr+Winter+Olympics+Previews+XxhCjcQoLKal img_27543 Karly_upclose raYt-5-S


More hot pics of Sochi Bronze medalist Julia Mancuso

What did we say? We were fans of Julia Mancuso before she won her bronze medal. Here’s our second post dedicated to this amazing woman. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be in that hot tub with her.

1620635_10151836952312693_1942415280_n Julia-Mancuso-FB21 Julia-Mancuso-FB9 Julia-Mancuso3 ae42470c18e111e3b8e322000a1f97ed_7 ff42afe0927911e3968512f43069d51a_8 5d7ddabe926911e3a4fd12ff9ce2b280_8 julia-mancuso-4 45888ef0c13b3c47a854ee69ddf78a0e julia-mancuso julia-mancuso-GQ-olympic-skier rs_634x828-140205071317-634.Julia-Mancuso-Olympics-Sexy-GQ-Shoot.jl.020614 Julia-Mancuso-naked