The 10 most beautiful Russian women competing in Sochi

You guys loved our recent coverage of the most beautiful Norweigan women. If you thought we weren’t going to cover Russia, you were wrong. Russia came to Sochi with a mission: make sure people leave knowing that Russia has some of the most beautiful women in the world. They came to the games with something to prove, and brought their A-game, having many of their athletes participate in incredibly sexy lingerie shoots. So – without further adieu, we present to you our list of the 10 most beautiful women competing in Russia.

10. Elena Nikitina, Skeleton

If you don’t know what the skeleton is, watch this video. It’s freakin’ crazy!


[More Elena Nikitina pictures in our gallery]

9. Olga Zyablikova, Curling

Olga won’t be the last curling team member you see on our list, but she’s certainly not forgettable.


[More Olga Zyablikova pictures in our gallery]

8. Angelina Goncharenko, Ice Hockey

I would never have associated “hockey” with “beautiful girls” before Sochi. I do now.


[More Angelina Goncharenko pictures in our gallery]

7. Ekaterina Stoliarova, Freestyle Skiing

Seriously, mad props to the photographer. These are some sexy outfits!

Ekaterina Stolyarova_nude01

[More Ekaterina Stoliarova pictures in our gallery]

6. Alena Zavarzina, Snowboarding

We’ve mentioned Alena before in our list of hottest snowboarders, but she deserves a mention again. Something about the mix of the swimsuit and snow is too sexy for words.


[More pictures of Alena Zavarzina in our gallery]

5. Ekaterina Bobrova, Figure Skating

We’d definitely buy any calendar she’s in. We wish her the best of luck in her upcoming ice dance event!


[More pictures of Ekaterina Bobrova in our gallery]

4. Svetlana Kolmykova

If you told us last year we’d be watching hockey for the women, we would have told you to take a hike. Today … we realize the error of our ways! They didn’t make hockey players like this when we were growing up.

Svetlana Kolmykova

[More pictures of Svetlana Kolmykova in our gallery]

3. Alexandra Saitova, Curling

The most ridiculously thing I can say about Ms. Saitova is that while she is smoking, and I mean nine-alarm-fire smoking hot, she isn’t the hottest Russian woman at Sochi. She isn’t even the hottest Russian curling team member. That’s how hot the Russian curling team is. It’s unfair. Don’t believe us? Keep reading … you’ll see what we mean.

Alexandra Saitova

[More pictures of Alexandra Saitova in our gallery]

2. Anna Prugova, Ice Hockey

Hands down, the hottest Russian hockey player at Sochi. Though, by the time you reach the top 3 or 4 on this list, we’re talking about winning by a hair. All of these beautiful women leave me speechless.


[More pictures of Anna Prugova in our gallery]

1. Anna Sidorova, Curling

This is #1: Anna Sidorova. She caught our eye even before the glamour shots. That face belongs just as easily on a magazine cover or on a movie poster. She had some hefty competition, but she gets the top spot on this list.

[More pictures of Anna Sidorova in our gallery … but be prepared to fall in love]


Thank you guys for reading! If you guys liked this post, please share it! We made this site because we love beautiful, athletic women and wanted to help share them with the world.

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