Therese Johaug, Norway, Cross Country Skiing

Norway delivers yet again! Here’s beautiful Therese Johaug, a 2010 Winter Olympics Gold Medalist. Congrats on her recent Bronze medal! Let’s wish her the best of luck in her upcoming cross country relay!

968full-therese-johaug maritim-slik+har+du+aldri+sett+therese+johaug Therese_Johaug_671198i Therese-Johaug-Feet-863065 156189197 E67W8342 post-85266-0-56044000-1392110195 post-85266-0-21997400-1392021379 600full-therese-johaug 4-therese-johaug-cross-country JOHAUG_Therese_Tour_de_Ski_2010 Therese_Johaug_115159816x9

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