The 9 Hottest Female Snowboarders competing in the Sochi Games

Few things in this world are sexier than a woman who knows how to shred. With all that winter gear on, it isn’t immediately obvious how hot the competitors at Sochi are. Have no idea, however – we’ll highlight our top 9 hottest snowboarders to look out for in Sochi! Bonus content: two of our favorite world talents who couldn’t make it to Sochi. Who could we have picked? You’ll have to scroll down to find out!

9. Hannah Teter, United States

This American beauty is a winter games veteran, having won gold in 2006. She’s amazing – in addition to being an athlete, she’s a humanitarian, having started a maple syrup company to raise money for Kenyans. Check out our full gallery of her here.

hannah-teter-and-2010-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-issue-gallery (2)

8. Ina Meschik, Austria

Ms. Meschik hails from Austria, original homeland of a certain bodybuilder/actor/governor/killer robot from the future. We love her risque photo shoot, and if we had one wish: it’d be for her to tweet more so we can hear from her! Check out our full gallery of her pictures.

Ina Meschik

7. Rebecca Torr, New Zealand

We gather from Ms. Torr’s Instagram that she has a wicked sense of humor. We love it. Check out our full gallery here.


6. Jamie Anderson, United States

Representing the U.S. of A at Sochi, Jamie Anderson has already taken home the gold medal for slopestyle! Check out our full gallery here.


5. Christy Prior, New Zealand

We’re really sad to hear that Christy Prior had to withdraw from the slopestyle competition. We wish you a fast recovery, and hope to see more of you in the future! In the meantime, here’s our gallery of this beauty from New Zealand.


4. Alena Zavarzina, Russia

Russia has no shortage of hot athletes at Sochi. It seems like they left Ms. Zavarina out of their spread? Unfortunate, but we elated to learn that this hottie had a photoshoot done anyway. Check out our gallery!


3. Torah Bright, Australia

Ms. Bright hails from the land down under. She nailed a silver in ladies’ halfpipe this round at Sochi. Congratulations! More pics of her at our gallery, of course!


2. Kaitlyn Farrington, United States

Don’t let this angelic face fool you – Kaitlyn Farrington won a gold medal in ladies’ halfpipe! More pics of her at our gallery.


1. Silje Norendal, Norway

Stunning. That’s all we have to say about Ms. Norendal. Absolutely stunning. Some news outlets are calling her the hottest snowboarder in the world. We’ll tell you what – it’s a close race. Check out our gallery here.



Bonus hotties

Not all our favorite hotties could make it to Sochi. Here are a few bonus hotties! Note that this isn’t anything close to an exhaustive list.

Bonus #1. Clair Bidez, United States

Ms. Bidez is one of our favorites. Unfortunately, she didn’t make the team. That doesn’t mean she isn’t smoking hot. Check out our gallery here.


Bonus #2: Linn Haug, Norway

Ms. Haug is another snowboarding hottie that didn’t make it to Sochi. She could have been teammates with reigning hottie Silje Norendal for a truly dynamic duo! Check out our full coverage here.


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