The 5 Hottest Norwegian Female Athletes at the Sochi Winter Games

Norway may not have consciously matched Russia’s charm offensive to feature their beautiful athletes in lockstep, but that hasn’t stopped fans all across the world from becoming bewitched with the stunningly gorgeous Norwegian delegation. Here is our list of the top 5 female athletes from Norway that have captured our attention:

5. Ragnhild Mowinckel, Alpine skiing

Alpine skiier Ragnhild Mowinckel is a youth Gold medalist, and only 21 years young. She’s got a lot of skiing ahead of her. Check out our gallery of her with more pics.


4. Therese Johaug, Cross Country Skiing

Therese was a gold medalist in 2010, and so far, has won bronze at Sochi. She’s an avid runner with some of the most killer abs we’ve ever seen. Check out our gallery of her with more pics here.


3. Hege Bokko, Speed Skating

Number three on our list is the stunning Hege Bokko. We love that she’s shared photos of herself in traditional Norwegian wear. Check our our gallery for more pics.


2. Linn Haug, Snowboarding

Baby faced Linn Haug is one of our favorites, if not for her bikini spread on the slopes, or the picture of her hugging a tiger. Check out our coverage of her in our gallery.


So who is number one on our list?

Drumroll please …

1. Silje Norendal, Snowboarding

We are obsessed with this natural beauty. We are absolutely awed that, like teammate Linn Haug, she’s a world champion level snowboarder. Definitely do not miss our gallery of her pics.


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4 thoughts on “The 5 Hottest Norwegian Female Athletes at the Sochi Winter Games”

  1. These Norwegian athletes are extremely hot! I didn’t see Hege Bokko when watching the Sochi Olympics but will definitely watch our for her in the future!

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