Mirjam Jaeger, Switzerland, Freestyle Skiing

We love animal loves. This beauty rescued a dog from a shelter a few years ago.

We wish you the best at Sochi! Animal loves are A-Okay in our book!

Bacx6CUCUAA8uQk BbqNoI3CEAAsyr4 Mirjam-Jaeger-9 Mirjam-Jaeger--Maxim-Germany--06-300x420 Mirjam-Jaeger-8 Mirjam-Jaeger-Freestyle Mimi-030 Mirjam-Jaeger-3 mirjam_jaeger_19822_rIIiPT0.sized Mirjam-Jaeger-1 Mirjam-Jaeger-2 Mirjam-Jaeger-5 mirjam_02 mirjam_jaeger_image_large_3_iY9GnqD.sized Mirjam Jaeger for Bolle eyewear MirjamJaeger_A

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