Justine Dufour-Lapointe, Canada, Freestyle Skiing

Congratulations to Justin on her gold medal! Her (also very hot) sister Chloe won the silver. Come on, guys! Leave some for everyone else!

We love her girl-next-door look, her patriotism, and the fact that she’s fluent in French. Check out these pictures of her winning spirit. This girl’s got it all!

coc-bio-freestyle-skiing-dufour-lapointe2c-justine JustineDL-large1 justine-dufour-lapointe The Today Show Gallery of Olympians justine-dufour-lapointe-gold-moguls-photos-streeter-lecka 0208-oly-mogulsW2787.jpg M6LDCHX Bf-ueL9IcAAvGvJ BKMQP2hCUAAU9bP AeVn961CQAAJyJL AsZ4-hYCMAEfAgj Au4xbkkCAAEo2kz


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