Kimiko Zakreski, Canada, Snowboarding

My, oh, my. I need to get into snowboarding. Does anyone see these girls?! Here’s another gorgeous Canadian snow bunny.

8722_154024509268_6774586_n 12411_341127324268_6811315_n 35061_420270724268_5368991_n 38178_420270639268_4958369_n 196657_10150126071739269_3277966_n 182819_10150101948944269_827917_n 168300_10150100624344269_5050411_n kimijcruz09jl20_1397 kimijcruz09jl20_09471 wos48931 kimiko_zakreski_pink kimiko_zakreski_2010_1340px1 kimiko-zakreski-1 dc0237f0-9097-447c-9825-20bc63a5133e_6586314 54e102f5108ddb66e8eba2e7d61b6b9f507e47c8

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