Silje Norendal, Norway, Snowboarding

I swear to god, I’m moving to Oslo. How is it even fair that they have girls that look like this?!

BUsuPsNCcAAsn-S 304790_512096965472270_1112293675_n 406923_535094866505813_16854837_n 541753_574742669207699_1903282606_n 61512_624904827524816_995049314_n 969799_642458815769417_801521014_n 1525540_763901880291776_540734488_n 1538804_772501879431776_1519581048_n Silje-Norendal-born-1-September-1993-Norwegian-snowboarder-2014-Winter-Olympics-participant-5 2011-gretchen-bleiler4 landslagstrener__12357323x4 Silje_Norendal_121578016x9 X Games Aspen 2013 - January 26, 2013 silje_norendal download 2b578889-857c-44f3-85fd-1f2783f5dca9_55f6761629a111e2bba622000a1fbc9c_7 3968fae1-955c-4cd2-b59c-c3ae1700199e_e7a53dec961411e28bf722000a1f92f7_7 0001-46a7b3f2-51f9a6d1-ffc9-1255d576 994275_559739734064357_61690848_n __ID-295-5-Silje-Norendal Silje-norendal-planet-sports Silje_Norendal_123574516x9 silje_norendal_12422443x4 Silje-Norendal-

6 thoughts on “Silje Norendal, Norway, Snowboarding”

  1. she is pretty..but actually she is not that big deal for us norwegians..we are used to see blondes like this everywhere. Thats why especially norwegian guys love brunettes and exotic-looking girls.

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