Jamie Anderson, USA Snowboarding

Sizzling Jamie Anderson wins gold at Sochi for women’s slopestyle! Congratulations! Here are some pictures of this olymic gold hottie from Lake Tahoe, California.

AqI1FPwCMAEEM0T AtiGhQ6CMAAFLV9 BcBtJKMCMAAtEUz Be1xvSjCEAAcAYF Bf2nxUrIAAATbSf BgDtl7fIYAA91ef jamie-anderson-annual-salute-to-women-in_3565564 Jamie+Anderson+32nd+Annual+Salute+Women+Sports+55fAL03y3C5l hi-res-456092035-jamie-anderson-looks-on-as-she-wins-the-womens_crop_north jamie_anderson_profile Jamie+Anderson+Billabong+6th+Annual+Design+Bhw8bhoWxRMl jamie-anderson-2012-espy-awards-01 jamie-anderson-billabongs-6th-annual-design-for_4008009 jamie_anderson_oakley_001 jamie-anderson-espn-body-issue-celebration-party_3985592 Jamie+Anderson+32nd+Annual+Salute+Women+Sports+GFFEoDaFBZwl

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