Hilary Knight, USA Ice Hockey

Anything thinks she resembles Elizabeth Hurley? Yes, one of these pictures is of Hilary Knight with fellow USA teammate Amanda Kessel. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly in the women’s ice hockey locker room …

481282_324939814287094_308168709_n hilary-knight-meghan-duggan-usoc-100-days-out_3928508 Hilary+Knight+USOC+100+Days+Out+Celebration+NODcq5_3huYl espnw_e_knight_gb2_576x815 Hilary+Knight+USOC+100+Days+Out+Celebration+7z2Pf1gzNPQl Hilary+Knight+32nd+Annual+Salute+Women+Sports+ZmqdpBA7QYsl 2014 Topps Olympic Hilary Knight hilary-knight Hilary+Knight+ZmqdpBA7QYsm BI_spring14_Hilary-Knight2 6992511 b85da24c90f311e39caa12338b9954dc_8 59e949a885e211e38fac123726e64c42_8 BYAxbmxIcAAmYdm BYBgNAtIEAAGMnf BXxaR2cCIAA36wH BVlANPiCAAAzlvz BQ77CoxCcAABP2m BOCzdg_CEAEFWhU BFWkwBlCYAIvvSB A2ipcnaCQAARmVz AsoAQ8lCIAECmhb 1622229_519252724855801_1946846536_n 1606473_518825004898573_1750075139_o 997018_492913814156359_209200551_n 7b4539c739997203d23c9c915376d379 KNIGHT_Hilary

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