Amanda Kessel, Ice Hockey, USA

When she’s not representing team USA, this beauty plays for the Minnesota Golden Gophers women’s team.

376921_148222991984984_122757851_n 430062_165418916932058_1616142177_n 59178_180920292048587_902875769_n 946776_265064123634203_1030843436_n 8350_234411660032783_2130695894_n 1146719_291310407676241_353516138_n AwHGGmtCIAAb-C7 AxN33eACIAAKeOO BFXLNNMCIAAqb26 BMDEZrZCQAAYNWL BOYDV7pCUAAVtk1 BWUciNNIcAAxk_A BfpjygpIIAAma8Y BgCwCdYIgAAwbSa 1391597316000-USP-USOC-Team-USA-Media-Summit kesselspeaks 130324-UMN-BOSU-W-1804 mag_kessel01jr_576x324 1e713b2b2e8f5c1ab33a9e898926db2b Amanda Kessel3 U_Player_Wins_Top_Award_for_Women39s_Hockey-064325 Amanda-Kessel-with-Patty-Kazmaier-Award-photo-University-of-Minnesota

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