Alyson Dudek, USA Speed Skating

She’s a cheesehead! I love a girl that loves her football. She’s got that All-American charm.

BAcmj2PCQAAqqq- Besr50QCMAAPuca BfYmDTXCAAEtiCP alyson-dudek-usa-short-track-speed-skating epubAlyson alyson-dudek-athletes-photo-u1 AD Alyson-Dudek-4- Photography: Ed McCulloch - Retouching: Brian York - 16-alyson-dudek ee51ce3a-8a97-4f46-8bf2-f8ac52744ee5_2f934a3e4deb11e381171267cd2ef31e_8 1afc9001-b6bb-4e1e-a025-33dba31fec97_a4fe0e5c129111e3a45222000a9e06f4_7

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