Antonjia Misura, Basketball, Croatia

Taking a break from Sochi to bring you the beautiful Antonjia Misura. No, she’s not a skiier. She’s a 5’10”, 143lb basketball player. Born May 19, 1988. In an alternate universe, this beauty is a runway model.

BHLg4yMCYAEAME0 BSIn-gtCMAAQEDd BaQjDinIQAAhM0D antonija-misura-sweatforit6 maxresdefault antonija_misura_acds_PieQkCLp.sized Antonija-Misura-la-mas-bella-b_54361941763_54115221152_960_640 Hot-Antonija-Misura4 antonija-misura-cestista-croata-a-londra-2012-10 antonija-misura-7 Antonija-Misura-8 antonija_misura_antonija_misura_117_XPvy50k.sized Antonija-Misura-11 antonija-misura-jutarnji12-01 Antonija-Misura-3 220px-Angola_v_Croatia_crop_Antonija_Misura (1)

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