Clair Bidez, Snowboarding, USA

Born August 7, 1987. Wow! Love a girl who can hit the slopes looking good in a bikini.

Clair-Bidez-2010-Issue-swimsuit-si-34266937-666-1000 10_clair-bidez_16 Sports+Illustrated+Swimsuit+24+7+SI+Swimsuit+uu-lA5J1hEJl Clair-Bidez-2010-Issue-swimsuit-si-34266932-666-974 Clair+Bidez+Sports+Illustrated+Swimsuit+24+QTo_CkbmgM9x clair_bidez_5428778 Clair-Bidez-2010-Issue-swimsuit-si-34266967-666-830 10_clair-bidez_01 10_clair-bidez_12 10clairbidez05_display_image

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